A Different Kind Of Blonde Joke

| Friendly | November 1, 2016

(I have a very good friend. We’re both “alternative” and regularly dye our hair unusual colours, and both acknowledge that we only ever go blonde as the first step — although it’s been a while for me, as I’ve been growing my hair out and I wanted to give it a break. I’ve been thinking about doing a partial dye and am talking to her about it to get feedback, after asking for specific dyes that she’s found come out well. I’m a guy, and my hair is just long enough at this point to tie back.)

Me: “So what I was thinking was a strip on the top—” *I gesture* “—similar to when you have an undercut, except narrower.”

Friend: “Oh. Oh, no, I don’t think you should do that.”

Me: *disheartened, as I really miss dying my hair but don’t want to do my full head* “Oh. Well, that sucks. Oh, well.”

Friend: “Yeah, it’d look really weird from a distance; like you’ve got a bald strip on top of your head.”

Me: “Uh… What?”

Friend: “Yeah; with the rest of your hair being so dark, having a blonde patch would just look weird, I think.”

Me: *I start laughing, completely confused at how she arrived at this conclusion* “I’m not going to STAY blonde!”

Friend: “You’re not?”

Me: “No! Can you see me, going blonde? I’d look awful!”

Friend: “Oh! I thought you were just going to bleach it!”

Me: “Why would you think that? I’ve never gone blonde. That’s why I wanted to know what dyes you used last time.”

Friend: “Oh… OH!” *now she starts laughing too* “That makes sense! I was thinking that it was weird you’d go blonde…”

Me: “That’s like the people who see your after-bleaching pictures on Facebook and think that’s the colour you’re staying!”

Friend: “Haha, yeah.”

Me: “So, dying the top of my head?”

Friend: “Should look great!”

(It does. I’m very happy with it, my head is happier, and I think I’m going to stick to dying it like this from now on!)

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