A Different Kind Of Alcohol Problem

| Friendly | January 26, 2015

(My roommate asks for some cider for when he finishes work. I buy four bottles and pop them in the fridge, and he is grateful when he gets home. He has three bottles while I have none due to being ill. Two days later, there is one bottle left so I grab it for myself, but pop into his room to offer some.)

Me: “Hey, you want a swig of the last bottle before I have it?'”

Roommate: “Aw, man, you’re gonna have the last bottle? I wanted it.”

Me: “Sorry, dude, but this is the first one I’ve had, and to be fair I did buy them.”

Roommate: “Yeah, but I planned to drink it later.”

Me: “Are you seriously complaining? I paid for them and you had all the other ones.”

Roommate: “Meh, that’s fine. I’ll just remember next time when I buy some booze to just get it for myself and not share.”

Me: “…”

(This was the third time in a fortnight that I’d bought a crate of cider and let him have the majority of it. Safe to say it was also the last.)

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