A Different Flavor Of Crazy

| Right | July 10, 2017

Me: “[My Name] speaking. How may I help you?”

Older Woman: “Hello, I buy your cat food all the time and my kitties just LOVES your [Flavor 1#] cat food. Recently when I went to the store they didn’t have [Flavor #1] so I had to buy [Flavor #2], which my kitties don’t like as much. Are you going to give me a voucher for the inconvenience?”

(I’m a bit thrown, because while we do give out vouchers, no one ever directly ASKS for one, even in severe cases.)

Me: “I’m sorry, you’d like a voucher because you knowingly purchased a different flavor of cat food, that your cat ate, and there was nothing specifically wrong with the food?”

Older Woman: “Yes, it was a huge inconvenience and I’d like a voucher for the difficulty I had to go through.”

Me: “I’m sorry but we cannot give out vouchers for matters such as this; there was nothing wrong with the product.”

Older Woman: “But my cats liked it less! I was inconvenienced!”

Me: “Unfortunately, the matter of a specific flavor being unavailable is dependent on the retailer. While we manufacture the product, they dictate which flavors they will choose to stock.”

Older Woman: “I see… Well, take my details down in case you can give me a voucher anyway.”

Me: “Ma’am, I can take your details down for our records but we will not be able to give you a voucher for this matter.”

Older Woman: “Are you sure?”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, I’m sure.”

Older Woman: “All right, then… I’ll just complain again another day. Thank you. Bye!”

(I sat and stared at the phone for a while because I was so amazed.)

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