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A Different Da Vinci Code

, , , , | Right | April 15, 2021

I’m working in a music shop in the early 1970s.

Customer: “Have you got Leonardo, by Donovan?”

Me: “Not sure I’ve heard of that one.”

I hunt through the catalogue.

Me: “Nope, we don’t appear to have that one.”

Customer: “But it’s famous! I heard it on the radio just now!”

Me: “Nope, sorry. Are you sure you’ve got the name right?”

Customer: “Of course, I’m sure! It’s about the famous painter Leonardo da Vinci. He killed himself.”

Me: “Um, how does it go?”

Customer:I don’t know! I just heard it on the radio. It’s about that famous painter who killed himself. It’s a really famous song!”

Me: “Does it go, ‘Starry, starry night…'”

Customer: “Yes! That’s the one! Leonardo by Donovan!”

Me: “Ah, here we are. Vincent, by Don McLean. 45p, please.”