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A Different Brand Of Stupid

| Working | July 25, 2015

(I’m in a very popular chain store that sells things like makeup, medicine, perfume etc. There are “Three-for-Two” signs plastered over a lot of the merchandise. None of the signage mentions that the sale is brand-specific, so I pick three items from different brands and take them to the counter.)

Me: “Hi! I have a question about your ‘buy two, get one free’ sale. Do the items all have to be from the same brand, or is it just anything in the store marked Three-for-Two?”

Sales Assistant: “…”

Me: “…”

Sales Assistant: *blankly staring, as if I’m stupid* “Three-for-Two.”

Me: “Yes, the Three-for-Two sale.”

Sales Assistant: “Yes… Three-for-Two.”

Me: “…can they be from different brands?”

Sales Assistant: “Three-for-Two.”

(She is continuing to blankly stare at me as if I can’t grasp the concept of the sale. I make my purchases and then decide on the way out to double check the receipt. Nothing had been discounted. I return to the same sales assistant.)

Me: “Hi again! I just came through your register before, and one of my Three-for-Two items didn’t get discounted.”

Sales Assistant: “It has to be from the same brand. You bought things from different brands.”

Me: *inner face-palm*

Question of the Week

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