A Different Brand Of Grandma

, , , , | Right | August 5, 2018

(My company does a variety of social service work, including homes for the elderly. It recently changed its name, and not all of our residents are happy about it. I am assigned to a booth handing out shirts, water bottles, and stickers with our new name to residents and visitors. Most people take the offered loot — old people love free stuff. But not everyone…)

Me: “Would you like a [New Company Name] t-shirt or water bottle? They’re free!”

Tiny Old Lady: *looks like a sweet grandma* “[New Company Name] isn’t my home. I didn’t move to [New Company Name]. I moved to [Old Company Name]. This is f****** bulls***, and I want no part of it.”

(I found a water bottle and some office swag with the old name on it and left them in her mailbox. I just wish I could have had her talk to the executives in charge of renaming.)

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