A Dicey Future

| Related | June 9, 2013

(I have one male cousin on my mom’s side of the family but we are more like siblings. He’s pretty protective of me when it comes to guys, and he likes to make ‘predictions’ about my life every so often to make sure I don’t do anything not to his liking. He has picked up a bowl and four dice.)

Cousin: “I’m going to predict your future. Okay, so there’s a couple of fives; is that a significant number for you? Yes? Alright, well you’re going to get it on with someone that has to do with the number five. Five feet, five inches taller than you, five-hour-energy related, maybe someone who pays you $5. And there’s a two; the number of times you’ve been drunk this school year perhaps? Hmm? And a six, the number of parties you’ve had in your dorm? Hmm?”

(About a month later, I got together with my best guy friend who is five inches taller than me, and paid me $5 because he lost a bet to me!)

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