A Devious Lesson Plan

| Learning | July 22, 2013

(My history class is in the library, working on a project. The teacher is well liked, and will often joke around with the students. The two of us are good friends, so a lot of the time he will pull a small prank on me.)

Teacher: “Okay class is finished. Line up at the door to pray before you head to lunch.”

(After we pray he turns to us again.)

Teacher: “Okay [my name] can leave first for getting the highest score on the last test.”

Me: “Oh, cool. Thanks [teacher’s name].”

(I walk out the doors and start jogging to the lunchroom.)

Teacher: “Wait! Come back!”

Me: “Huh?”

(I walk back into the library, and he asks if he can take something back from inside my bag.)

Teacher: “I put the library’s ‘Girl’s Life’ magazine in your bag when you weren’t looking. I said you could go first because I wanted the alarm to go off in front of the class. I can’t believe that didn’t work. ”

Librarian: “Thank you for showing us that that door’s alarm is broken. I’ll be back with the rope to block it off.”

(At this point, the class is snickering at the failed plan.)

Teacher: “I STILL can’t believe that didn’t work…”

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