A Depressing Realization

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(My parents and I have a rocky relationship, and they think that everything in my life is fine, when sometimes it clearly isn’t. They know I’ve had clinical depression for years and they have only recently taken action to help me, which apparently they see as some sort of achievement. This takes place while my mom is driving me to school one day.)

Mom: “You know, sometimes I’m glad you have depression!”

Me: *confused* “What? Why?”

Mom: “Well, having depression makes you fun and interesting! Raising a normal kid would be boring!”

(At this point we were at my school and I got out, obviously upset and angry. Several weeks after the fact, I still don’t know what prompted her to say this, but she still stands by her words. Here’s the real kicker though: she and my dad still think that my brother and I are going to be living with them for a very long time. My 21 year old brother is planning on letting me move out with him when I turn 18, and I can finally say goodbye to that toxic household.)

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