A Deep Seated Scammer

| Working | September 5, 2013

(I’ve gone with my boss to look at new desk chairs for our office.)

Me: “This one’s comfy!”

My Boss: “How much is that one?”

Salesman: “$280.”

Me: “Really? But it looks just like this one in the catalog that’s $179.”

Salesman: “No, see how the back is different?”

Me: “A little.”

My Boss: “I’m buying a lot of chairs. Is it possible to get a discount?”

Salesman: “No, $280 is the price. Plus delivery.”

My Boss: “Delivery? I’ve bought furniture from you a dozen times, and you’ve never charged us for delivery! We’re around the corner from you!”

Salesman: “Sorry, our prices are set.”

(The manager, whom my boss has done business with before, enters the showroom.)

Manager: “Hi, nice to see you again. What are you looking for?”

My Boss: “I want a set of office chairs, but your salesman said you can’t go below $280 for these. And are you charging for delivery now?”

Manager: “$280? That chair is $150! And no, we don’t charge for delivery.”

My Boss: *to salesman* “Is that true?”

(The salesman’s ears turn red.)

Manager: *to my boss* “I’m handling your account from now on.”

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