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A De-Grading Test

| Learning | June 26, 2015

(In second grade I am given a reading test and score at a 6th grade level. In third grade, I was given the test again, and the school called my father in to discuss the results.)

Teacher: “Mr. [Dad], we’re concerned about your daughter’s reading. She’s not improving.”

Dad: “What do you mean not improving? Isn’t she testing above grade level?”

Teacher: “She’s tested at the same level two years running.”

Dad: “Yes, but she’s scoring well above her grade level. Out of curiosity, what’s the highest score you can get on that test?”

(The teacher checks:)

Teacher: “Sixth grade.”

Dad: “…How, exactly, do you expect her to score higher than the test goes?”

(They gave me a different test and I scored at an eighth grade reading level.)

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