A Customer Who Knows Where They Live? Inconceivable!

, , , , , | Working | October 14, 2020

I have ordered food from an app and put in EXACT directions to my home. The app doesn’t recognize my address for some reason, so I rely on the directions to get my food. Without fail, this always goes one of two ways: success, or… this.

The driver calls me on the phone.

Driver: “Hey, uh, I’m at your place. I knocked but you didn’t answer.”

Me: “Are you at [address]?”

Driver: “No, I’m at [similar but different address]. It’s where the app told me to go.”

Me: “Did you read my directions?”

I ask as I go stand outside in the middle of the road, watching as the app shows his car driving in the wrong direction entirely.

Driver: “The app knows where to go. I followed it. I wouldn’t need directions if you would put in the correct address.”

Me: “Look, I’m standing outside my place in the middle of the road. I have bright green hair and you can’t possibly miss me. You need to loop back, make the last left before you leave my complex, follow the road around and find me, as I wrote in the instructions.”

After ten minutes of similar conversation, the driver finally listened and I got my food.

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