A Customer Who Admits Their Mistakes: Yes, It Can Happen  

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(I am waiting at a popular electronics store that requires you to make an appointment to have your electronics examined when they are malfunctioning. I arrive about ten minutes before my appointment at 11:50 and wait to talk to someone. I go up to the lady who is checking people in.)

Me: “Do I check in with you?”

Employee: “Yes, you do. Can I get your name?”

Me: “Absolutely. It’s [My Name].”

Employee: “Hmmm, I’m not seeing you on the list. What time is your appointment?”

Me: “11:50.”

Employee: “I’m sorry, I don’t see you on the appointments for that time. Do you happen to have the confirmation email on your phone?”

(I roll my eyes, pull my phone out, and pull up the confirmation email. I show it to her and read it, saying specifically that my appointment is at 1:50, not 11:50. I look down in embarrassment.)

Me: “My appointment is at 1:50.”

Employee: “Mmhmm.”

Me: “I’ll see you later. I’m sorry I was rude. I was wrong.”

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