A Cup Is Half Empty Kind Of Girl

| Related | February 20, 2012

(After playing in the snow with my three-year-old daughter, we enjoy some hot cocoa. My nine-year-old son comes back from a friend’s house. He immediately spies her hot cocoa.)

Son: “Hey! Let me have some, please?”

Daughter: “No, it’s mine!”

(She takes another small sip.)

Daughter: “Okay, you can have it. Be sure to put the cup in the sink.”

Me: “That’s very nice of you to share, but you shouldn’t share your drink because—”

Son: “Hey! It’s all gone! You drank it all!”

Daughter: “Ha! Gotcha!”

(She dances off as me and her mother try to keep our composure.)

Me: “They grow up so fast!”

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