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A Cubic Meter Of Unrealistic Expectations

, , , | Right | September 8, 2021

I work in a building material store in a chain that owns its own forests and sawmills, so part of the parent company’s focus is on selling wood products we processed in-company. As such, one part of the parent company grows and harvests lumber, another processes the lumber into a multitude of wood products, and the last part, where I am, sells it to customers in-store along with other building materials.

I’m answering the phone at the cash register. Due to a stutter, I normally avoid saying the name of my small town when I answer the phone. That could explain some of the following, but certainly not all.

Me: “You’ve reached [Company] building material store; my name is [My Name].”

Caller: “Hi, yeah I was wondering if I could get the price for a cubic meter of lumber.”

This is the first time I’ve gotten that question and I’ve worked here for many years. We sell wood panels and such by meter or square meter, so I’m a little confused.

Me: “Sorry, did you say you wanted a price for a cubic meter of lumber?”

Caller: “Yes, exactly.”

Me: *Confused* “Okay… You are aware you have called [Company] Building Material store in [T-T-Town]?”

Caller: *Getting impatient* “Yeah, exactly.”

Me: “Hmm, okay, well, I don’t have that information. That would probably be a question for [Company] Wood Harvesting or [Company] Wood Processing—”

Caller: *Interrupting* “What do you mean, you don’t have that information?!”

Me: “As I said, you have called [Company] Building Material store in [Town that is several hours away from HQ and sawmills of Company].”

Caller: *Getting angry* “So, why don’t you have that information? All I want is the cubic meter price for lumber!”

Me: “Because we… I would have to look up who you should contact for this, Maybe I can take your number or email and pass them along to the right people?”

Caller: “No, forget it. I will call someone who knows what they’re doing!”

Me: *Trying to recover* “Okay, but I can take your information and send it to someone who knows the right person to contact if you want?”

Caller: “No, it’s too late. I will call someone else. Bye!” *Click*

I get that the first part of [Company]’s name is the same, and maybe I could have been faster in trying to get the guy’s information to send to the right part of the company, but I hope this guy doesn’t call his local grocery store when he wants a price for a whole trailer of carrots or something.

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