A Crewel Turn Of Events

| Learning | August 5, 2013

(We’re in textiles. I’m neither particularly interested in, or skilled with a sewing machine, which annoys my teacher.)

Me: “Uh… Miss [name]? I’m having a bit of trouble here.”

Teacher: “Wait a minute.”

Me: “This is kinda urgent!”

Teacher: “I’ll be there in a minute!”

Me: “But I—”

Teacher: “Look, [my name] it’s not hard. Just sit there, silently with your hand up, and I will come over when I am ready!”

Me: “But I can’t raise my hand, miss.”

Teacher: “Oh don’t be stupid and don’t talk back. What exactly is so important you have to be so rude about it?!”

Me: “I’ve sewn my hand to my work.”

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