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A Crappy Turn Of Events

, , , | Right | January 26, 2019

Manager: *whispering* “Someone pooped in the pool.”

Me: “What!”

Manager: “I know. I saw two little brown things and… yup, it was poop.”

Me: “Gross!”

(He calls the maintenance guy to come and scoop it out, and add some more chemicals. Later, after they have both left, I’m by myself checking a large group of high-schoolers, and they go and have a pool party. Things get out of had soon and they start skinny dipping, which is NOT allowed, but kids will be kids. After, they pass by my desk.)

High School Guy #1: “Wow, man. That was crazy, yo!”

High School Guy #2: “Yeah, did you see when they took off their clothes?”

(The girls from their group blush and giggle.)

Me: “Yeah, good thing that we cleaned that poop up before you skinny-dipped!”

(Their faces were priceless. The girls went to shower and the guys guffawed!)

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