A Crappy Turn Of Events, Part 2

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I work at a big store that has self-checkout. A mother and her child walk into the self-checkout. As usual, I greet every customer.

Me: “Hello, how are you today?”

The mother doesn’t respond. While she is scanning her items, the baby starts making faces and clearly starts pooping. As the mom is distracted trying to pay, the baby puts his hands inside his diaper and starts pulling out his own poop, which he starts wiping all over the cart.

When the mom finishes paying, she looks blankly at her child. She doesn’t correct him or anything. I am shocked by what I’ve just witnessed.

Customer: “Oh, well… good luck to whoever has to clean it.”

The mother said that sentence while making direct eye contact with me. Then, she grabbed her baby and left the poop-covered cart at the self-checkout. I had to call my manager to explain the situation to have the cart fully disinfected.

A Crappy Turn Of Events

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