A Couple Of Cup-Heads

, , , | Right | May 31, 2020

I work at a cafe. We are operating as takeaway only due to social distancing and we legally cannot accept keep cups for health and safety reasons.

A customer approaches the window holding two keep cups and asks for two coffees of different types. We explain that we are not allowed to accept keep cups at the moment but we would be happy to make her coffees in one of our takeaway cups.

Customer: “But we’re already harming the environment so much!”

Coworker: “I know, I’m sorry, but we really can’t accept keep cups at the moment.”

Manager: “They’re not our rules; it’s the council’s. It’s not up to us.”

Customer: “Well, how about if you make one of the coffees and I’ll take it away and drink it, and then I’ll bring it back and you can make the other one in the same cup?”

Manager: “Sorry, I’d rather not do that. We spend a lot of money on our coffee and using the same cup would mix them up; there’d be some left from the first coffee.”

The customer eventually agreed to us making her coffees in our takeaway cups. I served them to her at our pickup window, where she opened them and poured them into her keep cups before walking away, leaving the empty, un-reusable takeaway cups behind.

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