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A Conversation Breast Left Alone, Part 4

| Related | August 10, 2014

(This occurs the night before my sister and I are flying to Europe with our siblings to visit our grandparents. My sister is in a frenzy, packing last minute items, while her four-year-old son is in the tub. I end up getting him out of the tub and dressed. Also, I am wearing a v-neck shirt, so when I bend over, my cleavage is more obvious.)

Me: *bending over* “Okay, little dude, here is your towel. Let’s get you dried off, then find you some PJ’s.”

Nephew: *pointing at my chest* “What are those?”

Me: “Oh, those are strings for the hood on my jacket, so I can tighten it.”

Nephew: “No, what are those!” *again, pointing at my chest*

Me: “This is for the zipper, so I can zip up, or unzip my jacket, see?”

(I show him my zipper pull on my jacket.)

Nephew: “Those, what are THOSE?!”

(It finally dawns on me that he is pointing at my breasts.)

Me: “Well, they are kind of like yours.” *I poke him in the chest*

Nephew: “Can I see?”

Me: “Nope! Now go to your room, and find your pajamas!”

(My sister laughed hysterically when I finally told her what happened.)


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