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A Continuous Class Act

| Learning | September 15, 2016

(I am in an orientation type class that is required for all students that are new or returning after more than two semesters off, as the school has done several upgrades to their online system and campus. The class is free and lead by an academic advisor. The class is an hour long, and we only meet once a week, a total of four times.)

Advisor: *after reviewing the syllabus* “If you guys have any questions, now is the time to ask! We’re going to be heading on the tour before class is over.”

Student: “Uh, yeah. You didn’t mention anything about completing work early. Can we do that?”

(He says this in an annoyed tone. The work is mostly navigating the website and online system for information and taking quick quizzes to show we know how to access stuff and submit assignments.)

Advisor: “You can if you want. However, you’ll be completely bored in class with nothing to do the remaining weeks. It would be better if you followed along in case you weren’t sure about anything.”

Student: “Yeah, but if we finish it all we can just pass the class, right? Like, we’re done?”

Advisor: “If your work completion and attendance are where they need to be, yes.”

Student: “We still have to show up? I mean, if we do ALL the work, we still have to come to class?”

Advisor: *silent for a couple seconds* “Yes… you would still have to actually come to class.”

Student: *heavy sigh* “Oh, well, okay.”

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