A Confusion Sandwich

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Where I work, we have a shelf filled with sandwiches. We have baguettes, ovals, and subs. We did have bread packs before lockdown, but they are all classed as sandwiches. Since reopening, corporate has decided to remove some products until further notice.

Today, around 10:00 am, a customer comes in. She walks up to the sandwich selector and has a look at them. She then grabs a sandwich and comes up to the counter and I say my greeting.

Customer: “Do you still do the sandwiches?”

Me: “I’m sorry, which sandwiches?”

Customer: “Just a sandwich.”

Me: “What kind of sandwich?”

Customer: “Just a sandwich.”

I give up trying to figure out what kind she wants and resort to the standard answer of, “All our sandwiches are in the selector.”

Customer: “So you haven’t got any sandwiches, then.”

I finished the transaction and she left the shop. My manager was behind me the whole time bagging sausage rolls, so I asked her if she’d heard what happened. She hadn’t, so I explained it all to her, and when I finished explaining, I realised she’d meant the bread packs as that’s the only one we hadn’t got out of all the sandwiches.

After I got home, I told the story to my partner, who started pissing himself laughing. I didn’t understand why he was laughing because I was so confused as to why she didn’t specify or explain what kind of sandwich she was looking for. 

After my partner pulled himself together, he explained to me why he found it so funny. Our bread pack is two slices of bread with filling in between, cut diagonally, and placed in a container that has a clear front so you can see what the filling is. It turns that out since I started working with this company, I forgot that pretty much everyone else calls that a sandwich. 

I now feel like a complete idiot and I feel so bad for the customer.

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