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A Complete Mess

, , , | Right | June 2, 2021

I work in a thrift store and mostly handle the toy and games department. It’s unfortunately very common to see game boxes strewn around where the tape around the lid has been peeled off by customers. Today, I catch one in the act; a man is peeling off the tape from a poker set.

Me: “Sir, please do not remove the tape. All the inside contents are checked by me personally and I can tell you, it’s a complete set.”

Customer #1: “But I put the tape back! See? So no harm done!”

He smiles as he presses the tape back, but it’s obvious it doesn’t really stick anymore.

Me: “Yes, harm is done. I have to take it to the back and re-tape that now, or else the lid gets loose and what’s inside will fall out easily.”

Customer #1: *Still smiling* “No, it doesn’t! I put the tape back! Just like that, see? I just wanted to check if it’s complete!”

Me: “It’s still policy to leave the boxes shut, if you please. Like I said, the items are checked before going on a shelf.”

The man grumbles and puts the set back. A woman approaches me with another game. The box is partially see-through and contains a plastic penguin figure. 

Customer #2: “Good thing I heard you talking to that man! So, can you open this box for me to see if it’s complete? There are supposed to be playing cards in here but I don’t see them!”

Me: “I will also assure you, it’s complete. I remember that game and also wondered where the cards were, but at the bottom of the penguin is a little drawer slot that contains the cards. If it weren’t complete, it wouldn’t be on the shelf.”

Customer #2: “Well, I really want to make sure! Can you please check for me?”

Me: “Ma’am, it is checked. It’s all there.”

Customer #2: “I don’t believe you! What if I take it to the register and check it there?”

Me: “If you plan to purchase it, you can do with it as you wish after.”

Customer #2: “No, I won’t buy it if I don’t know for sure if it’s complete!”

She threw the box back on the shelf and left in a huff.

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