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A Complete Lolli-Flop

, , , , | Right | November 19, 2020

I work in a small grocery store and it’s a few days before Halloween. My boss has had a bowl out for candy for our patrons for the past week. The bowl has a good variety of candy — fun-size chocolates and the like — with a sign above saying, “Please take one.”

For the past week, we’ve had a middle-aged woman who comes in and waits for when we’re not looking to dump the candy into a bowl. This takes place on the thirtieth:

Customer: “Oh, you guys have the good candies here. Most places only give out gum and tiny lollipops.”

Me: “Yeah, the boss loves Halloween and loves to do something special for everyone. Feel free to take one if you want.”

The customer picks out a Snickers and sets it on the counter while he finishes paying. Behind him are a mother and her young daughter, jumping up and down excited for some candy.

As I’m bagging up his groceries, I see a hand reach from behind him and grab the bowl. The middle-aged woman then proceeds to dump the entire bowl into her bag and gives me a smug grin.

Woman: “Oh, free candy? My children will love these.”

Me: “Ma’am. We’ve told you over and over that you can’t grab the bowl; put those back right now, please.”

Woman: “Why should I? My children are much more deserving of treats then the little fatty over there.”

The little girl looks devastated at the empty bowl and her mother begins arguing with the woman. I don’t catch exactly what’s being said but the customer I was serving before takes the candy he had gotten and gives it to the little girl so she can have some candy.

Customer: “Here you go. Ignore what that lady said, okay? The witch just forgot she’s not supposed to come out until Halloween.”

The girl laughed and the middle-aged woman glared angrily and stormed off. I later heard from my supervisor that the lady tried to file a complaint against me because I “allowed a customer to disrespect her.” He promptly told her to get the h*** out.

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