A Complete Gas-hole

| USA | Friendly | January 7, 2015

(I’m walking home, and make a detour to a gas station to grab some snacks and so on. I notice my shoe is untied, and stop to do it up outside the station, near where the cars are. A stranger approaches me.)

Stranger: “Hey! Let me fill your car up for you!”

Me: “What?”

Stranger: “Your car! I’ll fill it for you so you don’t have to!”

Me: “Oh, that’s very kind of you to offer, but ac—”

Stranger: “No, no, I have to! It’s a man’s job to do these sorts of things for women!”

Me: “Er, what?”

Stranger: “Like, my sister can’t even change a tire. But don’t worry! I’m always ready to help!”

Me: “Um, well, it’s nice that you want to help, but giving help when it isn’t wanted, and insisting on it when your offer is declined is kind of the opposite of nice. And besides—”

Stranger: “Oh, f***, are you a f****** feminist, too? Ugh! A man tries to do something nice for you and you don’t even appreciate it? I bet you can’t even fill your own car, anyway! You’ll probably run out of gas on the way home, and it’ll be your own d*** fault!”

Me: “Right. You’re not actually listening to me, so this is pointless. Goodbye.”

(I went and bought my snacks. While I was paying, I asked the cashier if I could stay inside the store for a while until the weird guy outside left. He agreed, so I hung around the store, able to see outside through the huge windows. The stranger decided to do me a ‘favor’ anyway, and started happily pumping gas into a random car he assumed was mine. After about a minute the owner of the car, a big burly guy, spotted the stranger and was less than impressed at finding a complete stranger handling his car. The stranger scuttled away, frightened. I hope he didn’t try to force his “help” onto anyone else again without at least listening to them first!)

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