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A Complaining Behavior

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Occasionally, lost items are handed into reception at the school where I work. Two weeks into the term after Christmas, the caretaker hands me a diary with the calendar year stamped on it. He tells me he couldn’t figure out the owner is so he will leave it with me.

I leaf through it to see if I can find a timetable or similar notes, as this helped me identify an owner before, and I find the week’s pages are full of complaints about the teachers who have given this child detention, complete with the times the entries were made. This helps me narrow down the lesson, and thus the class, and looking through the sanctions on our database I pull a name.

I ask the teachers to pass this on, but when this fails, I delivered it to his last teacher for the day personally.

I’m either going to be very popular with this student for returning their diary, or very unpopular as I cross-checked their complaints with their behaviour record to do it.

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