A Comic Book Romance

| Romantic | August 20, 2012

(We’d met just two weeks ago, but we were now very close. He’s figured out that he likes me, but I is still too dense to realise it. I’m at the library and he’s just joined me.)

Me: *folds arms* “I’m freezing.”

Him: “Really?”

(He takes my hand and brings it to his lips. For a second I think he’ll kiss it, but he just breathes out onto it, to warm it. I snatch back my hand, blushing.)

Me: “O-oh my God! What was that for!”

Him: *bemused look* “Well you said you were cold.”

Me: “Oh, never mind. Just sit down.”

(He sits down next to me and we eventually lapse into conversation. Somehow, the topic turns to hand sizes. We’ve held out our hands to compare, and they’re just a centimetre apart, palms brushing.)

Me: “Oh, wow, my hand is so much smaller than yours.”

Him: “Yeah, they are.”

(He takes my hand in his and lightly squeezes my fingers. I squeeze back, staring at him. We stare at each other for a moment and then we lean forward and we kiss each other on the lips. The kiss only lasts a short while, and then we break apart and stare at each other. My face instantly blushes red.)

Me: “Oh, my God.” *realizing what just happened* “That was my first kiss.”

Him: “Really?”

Me: “You just took my first kiss!”

Him: “I didn’t take it, you know. You gave it to me.”

Me: “Stop being so annoying.”

(Silent moment.)

Me: “Although, the geeky part of me will always love the fact that my first kiss happened right in front of the comics section of the library!”

(He just grins widely and squeezes my hand again. It sounds dreadfully like some clichéd and unrealistic romantic movie, but we’re still together nine months later, so I guess it worked!)

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