A Combo Of Outrage

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(I am working as the main cashier during a very busy lunch rush, in a fast food chain that is considered to be “high end” in our area. Prices are higher, but portion sizes are larger, and we bring the food to your table, refill your drinks, and clear the table when you are done eating. Two women and a man come in with a toddler. The first woman has a coupon to get a free double burger with the purchase of a combo, but is complaining about the cost.)

Customer #1: “Wow, $9 for a combo! Are you sure you want that?”

Me: “We also have our [#1 Sandwich] on special, two for $6; you would get two burgers with all the veggies for the price of one of the other sandwich.”

Customer #1: *ignores me and continues to argue with the other members of her party*

(Finally, after holding up the line for five minutes and not letting anyone else order, they come up to my register.)

Customer #1: “Okay, we’ll take one of those.”

Me:  “The double burger, or the [#1 Sandwich]?”

Customer #1: “The one you said.” *turns away and continues to bicker with her companions*

Me: “So, just the two burgers?”

Customer #1: *annoyed that she has to acknowledge me* ” I said I wanted four!”

Me: “Okay, so, four burgers. Just the burgers?”

Customer #1: “Why didn’t you get my fries?”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t hear that. Just one order of fries?”

Customer #1: “Two orders of fries. And a soda.”

Me: “Just one soda?”

(The customer just ignores me. I am frustrated at this point and ready to end the transaction.)

Me: “Okay, so, four [#1 Sandwiches], two fries, and one soda. Will that complete your order?”

(I set one cup on the counter.)

Customer #1: “Where is my other cup? I wanted two drinks!”

Me: *trying to keep smiling and not slap her* “Okay, let me just change that. I have four burgers, two fries, and two drinks. Is that correct?”

(The customer ignores me while talking to her companions, but the man speaks up.)

Customer #2: “Could I have no pickles on one of those burgers?”

Me: “Not a problem. Okay, your total is $20.”

Customer #1: “WHAT?! Are you kidding me?” *she is now almost yelling, and half of the very full lobby is staring at her*This is why I never come here. I can’t believe that. This makes me sick to my stomach. Literally, I am sick to my stomach right now! This is ridiculous!”

(She has gotten four deluxe, quarter-pound cheeseburgers, two medium fries, and two medium drinks for $20, including tax, which is not any more than she would have paid for the same items at a discount competitor. A few minutes after their order is taken to them, the man brings two of his sandwiches back up.)

Customer #2: “These were supposed to be plain.”

Me: “I am sorry. I heard you say no pickle on just one burger, but I didn’t hear anyone say anything about any of the burgers needing to be plain.”

Customer #2: “Yeah, two plain, one no pickles.”

Me: “Okay, so, I just want to make sure: you want two burgers with just meat, cheese, and bread, and nothing else, right?”

Customer #2: “Yeah, that’s right.”

(I sent the burgers back to get counted on the waste, and had two new burgers made. The kicker? Quarter-pound cheeseburgers that are not deluxe are more than a dollar cheaper per burger. Maybe, had the customers paid attention when ordering, and ordered their food correctly, I could have saved them a couple of bucks, and the female customer wouldn’t have had to be sick to her stomach over how much money her food cost her!)

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