A Combo Of Dumbos

, , , , | Right | September 20, 2018

(I am the front of house manager at a small bar. It is after lunch, so I send all the servers home, and it is just me left. A table comes in and orders two combos priced at $9.99. With the way our POS system works, we have to ring everything up separately, but it still totals out to the combo price. I hand the customer her check. She examines it for a moment then calls me over.)

Customer: “Our ticket is wrong; we ordered the two combos.”

Me: “Right, well, with the way our computer works, we have to ring it up separately, but you are still getting your meal for the combo price, which is $9.99.”

Customer: “But this doesn’t say, ‘Combo.'”

Me: “I understand, but it’s still the same price.”

Customer: “No, you are trying to overcharge me for the combo. I want my ticket with what I ordered at the price I want.”

Me: “Ma’am, the combo is $9.99. Your sandwich and fries rang up at $7.99, your drink at $1.99. When you total those up, the price comes to $9.98, so I’m actually saving you a penny on each combo.”

(She still didn’t believe me, so I had to physically write out the price and use basic math to add it up to show her that, in fact, I was saving her a penny and not trying to overcharge her. I think she and her daughter both felt like complete morons because they barely tipped and never came back.)

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