A Combo Of Crazy Requests

, , , , | Right | December 6, 2018

(The customer in front of me is arguing with staff.)

Customer: “Look. A sandwich is $5.50. Fries are $2. A drink is $1. But a combo of all three is $7.59. So why not give me a sandwich, fries, and a dollar bill? Answer me that?”

Employee: “Sir, we can’t give you money. The drink comes with the combo and…”

Customer: “Just open up the register and give me a dollar.”

Employee: “Sir, we have been through this before. Corporate has written to you. We aren’t allowed to just give you money.”

Customer: “It’s your setup! I should walk out of here with a dollar bill every day!”

(This continued for some time before I finally just handed the guy a dollar so I could order lunch!)

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