A Combo Of Confusion

, , , | Right | June 23, 2019

(I am eating at a popular hamburger restaurant when this smiling old man walks in and steps up to the counter to place his order. Here’s what I can overhear:)

Old Man: “Give me two of them burgers.”

Cashier: “Okay, sir, which ones?”

(The old man stares at her in confusion for a couple of seconds.)

Old Man: “Which ones do you have?”

Cashier: “Well, we have the ones on the menu behind us here. We also have this promotional burger here.” *points to a cardboard sign placed on the register for the promotional burger*

(The old man, whose mind has been blown wide open, looks around in amazement and bewilderment. After about a minute, as he mutters things to himself I can’t make out, he makes his decision.)

Old Man: “I guess I’ll get two of these.” *flicks the cardboard display*

Cashier: “All right, sir, would you like to make those a combo?”

(The old man pauses in confusion again.)

Old Man: “What’s a combo?”

Cashier: “Well, for $2.19 more for each burger, you get small fries and a small drink.”

Old Man: “Hmm… Okay! I’ll do that, for both of them.”

(She provides him the total, and the old man pays accordingly. The receipt prints out from the register.)

Cashier: “Here is your receipt, and this is your number. When we finish with the food, we will call that number and you can come to pick it up.”

Old Man: “Okay!”

(The old man was then given two empty drink cups, which he just held onto without going to the self-service drink machines, as he waited for the food. After a few minutes, they called his number and he picked up the bag of food, and he happily left the restaurant with the bag and the empty drink cups. I am certain he bought this for someone else, and while I don’t think it’s what they asked for, I do hope they’re not too mad at him.)

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