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A Colorful Grade-Mix

| Learning | May 4, 2015

(I’m taking a extra module in international politics. I also have very bright purple hair at the beginning of the academic year. Between first and second semester I allow my hair to go back to its natural colour. Towards the end of the second semester my lecturer emails me to let me know I am going to be automatically failed. I immediately email back.)

Me: “Hi, I’ve just received this email; why am I going to be automatically failed?”

Lecturer: “You haven’t attended a single lecture this semester so I’m failing you for non-attendance.”

Me: “Er… I’ve been there every class. I can show you the notes if you’d like.”

Lecturer: “I’d know if you were there. Your hair kind of stands out. It’s obvious you’ve been skipping class.”

Me: “I’ve not had purple hair since the end of last semester.”

(I send a webcam screenshot of myself.)

Lecturer: “Oh. You look so… different. Now I don’t know whether you’ve been attending or not. Send me a scan of your notes and I’ll reverse the grade.”

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