A Cloak Of Anxiety

, , , | Right | June 7, 2020

I work in a huge store that specializes in costumes year-round, and we get a lot of tourists. August is one of our biggest months due to everyone wanting costumes and lights for Burning Man.

I am working in the rentals and high-end department when a woman comes down in a huff.

Customer: “Hi. Do you have a really high-end cloak?”

Me: “Yes, we have this red-lined one for [price].”

I show her the best cloak we carry.

Customer: “No, no, no, a cloak. Like this!”

She points at a Wicked Witch Of The West gown and a gentleman’s Victorian frock coat.

Customer: “See? A cloak!

Me: “Well… that’s a dress, and that’s a coat. Can you describe what you’re looking for?”

Customer: “It’s a short cloak on a mannequin upstairs!”

She uses her hands to trace the shape, which gives me enough information to know she is looking for a caplet.

Me: “Oh, you mean a caplet! Can you tell me what it looked like?”

Customer: “It’s black, and the guy upstairs said it was down here!”

Me: “Can you tell me what he looked like so I can ask him what you’re looking for?”

She gets particularly agitated with me.

Customer: “You know what? You’re just stressing me out! I want to buy stuff here, but you’re completely unhelpful!”

She walks away, even as I call upstairs to try and find out what she is actually looking for. My manager gets on the line.

Manager: “Don’t worry about it; I guess she doesn’t want it.”

Me: “I guess it’s too stressful to actually provide a description of what you want to someone who’s trying to find it for you.”

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