A Clean Quit

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(I’m the store manager, and I’m walking through the store when a part-time, seasonal employee points at me and calls me over. When I approach him to see what the problem is, he points at a mess of confetti and snow flocking that’s fallen from a Christmas display and is scattered across the floor. He shoves a broom towards me.)

Employee: “Clean that up.”

Me: “What?”

(At this point I see a shift supervisor come around the corner.)

Supervisor: “[Employee], I thought I told you to clean that mess up a half hour ago. Why haven’t you started?”

Employee: “I’m getting her to do it.”

Me: “Are you trying to give me your work?”

Employee: “You should sweep it up.”

Supervisor: “I’ll handle this.”

Me: “No, I’m curious now. Let’s make this clear: your shift supervisor reports to a department supervisor, who reports to the department head, who reports to the floor manager, who reports to me. Why would you think I would do something you were directly asked to handle?”

Employee: *with a sigh* “MEN don’t clean.”

Me: “I see. I’m going to head over to HR and get a print-out of your job description and duties. Your supervisor can include that cleaning is on there as part of your writeup.”

Employee: “Too late; I quit.”

Supervisor: “We won’t miss you!”

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