A Clause In Her Contract

| Related | December 25, 2013

(I am an au pair in England, for a family with three children. The two girls—-aged five and eight—are drawing at the kitchen table, while their mum makes dinner. I’m an atheist, and the family isn’t religious either.)

Five-Year-Old: “I’m going to draw God!”

Eight-Year-Old: “You can’t draw God, because GOD DOESN’T EXIST!”

Me: “Well, Santa doesn’t exist either, and you can still draw him, can’t you?”

(Suddenly their mum coughs really loudly, and glares at me.)

Me: “…umm …oh! What I mean is… nobody’s ever seen Santa, and you can still draw him! So you can draw God, too; if you want to. Uh… I’ll be in my room if you need me.”

(Thankfully, the subject never came up again, and I didn’t seem to have done any damage on the girls’ belief in Santa!)

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