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A Class Fail

| Friendly | July 2, 2015

(I’m talking to my friend over Skype the day before his college classes start. His school policies demand that every student has to be enrolled in a computer literacy course sometime during their enrollment. We both know that he can use a computer well, so he’s less than pleased.)

Him: “It’s just some scam to wring money out of us.”

Me: “Oh, well. There’s not much to do but take the course.”

Him: “It’s probably just some dumb class where they teach you s***.”

(There’s a lull in the call as the realization dawns on him. I’ve already lost it and am already laughing at my expense as it sinks in for him.)

Me: “I think that’s the point of every class in general.”

Him: “I swear if you quote me on that…”

(Here’s to hoping he doesn’t see this!)

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