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A Class Ass(umer)

| Learning | September 10, 2013

(We’re sitting in Canadian history class, and the teacher is known for his over-the-top, strict ways and mind set. We’re not allowed cell phones during class times but some teachers are ‘cooler’ about it. This one is not.)

Teacher: “[My name], WHAT are you doing?! Give me that phone right now!”

Me: *looking up slowly* “Sorry?”

Teacher: “Your phone! Give me that right now! You know the rules! You are in so much trouble!”

(He proceeds to walk up the class towards my desk while everyone is watching.)

Me: “I don’t have my phone out, I was just—”

(He cuts me off by grabbing near me where he assumes I have my phone. I lean back in my seat and stand up.)

Teacher: “What do you think you’re doing!?”

Me: “I do not have my phone; it’s my insulin pump! It has an alarm on it that goes off before lunch to remind me to check my sugars. I was letting it know I remembered, so it didn’t go off!”

(I proceed to show him the pump attached to my jean pocket and he turns redder and steps back.)

Student Beside Me: “Wow, [teacher] what a rude thing to do.”

Teacher: “Erm, hum… Oh, class dismissed early for lunch!”

(He rushes from the room and the entire class, including myself, is silent. I end up going to the office; the teacher is spoken to and has never just assumes something for the rest of the term.)

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