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A Christmas Lesson To Rival Scrooge

, , , , , | Working | CREDIT: jpcog | December 25, 2021

I work as a manager for a very large pizza chain that is franchised, and the franchisee at my particular store happens to be a supreme penny pincher to the point where our broom broke a year ago and we’re still using it.

Generally, after we close, it takes us anywhere from ten to ninety minutes to get the store cleaned up and all the next-day prep done, depending on how busy we’ve been that day.

The franchisee who runs the store is not happy with how long it takes us to do all this and has been complaining to me incessantly.

Franchisee: “It costs me too much when you take so long! You all need to be done with your work and clocked out within fifteen minutes of closing.”

That is completely impossible 99% of the time. My quickest record is ten minutes, but it has taken up to two and a half hours for the longest.

One day, he complains for the umpteenth time:

Franchisee: “You take too long to close up! I could easily get it all done alone far faster than your team does!”

I decide, okay, we’ll be out within fifteen minutes from closing.

This particular day, however, is Christmas Eve. This is one of our most chaotic days of the year due to the combination of the ton of people who want pizza for the occasion and lack of staff due to most of them saying they can’t work over Christmas. Managers usually have to double our hours over Christmas to keep the place running. So, as expected, we have an absolutely chaotic day with everything running behind, all while being understaffed and swamped in orders.

And then closing time comes. The franchisee has long gone home, leaving me with my two coworkers to close up, and the store is an utter mess. Usually, I get most stuff done before we even close, but there hasn’t been a single opportunity all day. The floor is littered with food and rubbish and the stack of dishes to do is four people high — literally four piles, a person high each.

I tell my coworkers to sweep and mop the floor while I blitz through all the cash counting and end-of-day paperwork, and we get all that done in about ten minutes. Now, we’re standing there with the pile of dishes and all the next-day prep to be done.

Me: “Well, the boss wants us out within fifteen minutes, so I guess we don’t have time to do all this.”

And with that, we leave.

The next day, which is, of course, Christmas, we are closed and can’t work, but the boss decides to go in that morning and check that everything was done correctly. Of course, I get a message from him.

Franchisee: “Why is nothing done?!”

Me: “I made sure we were out of there within fifteen minutes, just like you wanted.”

I found out a couple of days later from a coworker that [Franchisee] spent his entire Christmas Day there doing all the cleaning and prep work on his own to get the store ready for Boxing Day, something my team and I could have done in a couple of hours. All because he wanted us out of the store quickly at night to save money.

He never complained about how long we took again.

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