A Chilling Lack Of Comprehension

, , , | Right | April 7, 2020

(The restaurant where I work has digital menu boards that, as well as displaying the menu, will also display adverts for particular items. Currently, that includes one titled “Summer Chillers” which rotates through some of the different drinks and desserts we serve. Below is what has become a regular occurrence.)

Me: “Welcome to [Restaurant]; how can I help?”

Customer: “Can I please get a Summer Chiller?”

Me: “Which one would you like?”

Customer: “The Summer Chiller.”

Me: “‘Summer Chiller’ is the name of the menu board. Which item from it would you like?”

Customer: “It says here, ‘Summer Chiller.’”

Me: “Yes. It’s the name of the menu. Beside the picture, it should tell you the name of the item.”

Customer: “I just want one of the Summer Chillers you’re advertising.”

Me: “I understand that, but which one do you want?”

Customer: “…”

Me: “Is it a drink or a dessert?”

Customer: “Drink.”

Me: “Okay. Is it a shake or a frozen Coke?”

Customer: “The Summer Chiller!”

Me: “I still need to know which one.”

Customer: “Why is this so hard? I just want an iced coffee!”

Me: *internal sigh* “Okay. That was one iced coffee. Is that all for today?”

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