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A Childlike Stubbornness To Childlike Writing

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I’m trying to break into voiceover and voice acting work. I’ve been auditioning here and there for audiobook narration. In my profile I note that I can do some light editing, but I will ask for extra pay.

I got a request from a woman writing a children’s book. She wasn’t a native English speaker, so I was a bit more lenient on her for grammar mistakes.

Even for a non-native speaker, there were too many mistakes. It was close to impossible for me to read. The story was just all-around terrible.

I ended up rewriting the entire book basically. I expected an edited and proofread version to make recording easier. She sent me the original with even more mistakes, “because [her] readers are children and [she] wanted a childlike writing.”

What took the cake is she would take weeks to respond to messages or to click approve for the next step. She didn’t have any problem blowing up my inbox for ridiculous requests. She would demand it be done the moment she messages me. Recording takes time.

She messaged me at the hospital one night. I’d done all the recording as she’d asked weeks before. She found something wrong — she accidentally deleted a recording. I told her I was at the hospital. She replied, “Oh, can you go record in the bathroom?”

I told her to go find someone else.

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