A Certified Awful Human Being

, , , | Right | June 11, 2018

(The grocery store I work at recently started selling beer. Since we have cashiers who are underage and do not have certification to sell alcohol, we have labeled, designated lanes for beer. A customer comes to my till with two cans of beer.)

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am; I cannot sell this. If you go to Lane #8, the cashier can help you there.”

Customer: “Why can’t you sell me this?”

Me: “I don’t have certification to sell this. Some cashiers have completed the certification and are able to sell it. We have put up signs to show which cashiers can help you.”

Customer: “You will sell me this. You cannot refuse me. I won’t leave. Your manager told me to come here.”

Me: “I can’t sell you this; it’s illegal for me to do so. I don’t think my manager would direct you here. I will call him over here to clear things up.” *reaches for the phone to page my manager*

Customer: *enraged* “PUT THE PHONE DOWN! You are so stupid! If you can’t sell this to me, you should be fired. I refuse to move. Make me, stupid girl.”

(At this point, a supervisor can see the anger and frustration on both sides of the till. She comes over to my till and tells the woman the exact same thing I did. She then proceeds to do the transaction, because she is certified.)

Customer: “That’s right, do it. Haha, stupid girl, thinking I would move. You mean nothing to me.”

(As she was walking away from my till, she continued to ramble, claiming all employees are stupid. She complained to a man who seemed to be a customer; little did she know it was an assistant manager who was coming in to buy groceries. The look on her face when he told her who he was made the last ten minutes worth it.)

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