A Cents-less Waste Of Celery

, , , | Right | November 11, 2018

(My part of Phoenix is known for being mostly upper-middle-class. I mention this to add to the ridiculousness of this lady’s request. It also is worth noting at the time this happens, gas prices are a record high at $4.50 a gallon. A lady approaches the register with just a stalk of celery and a competitor’s flyer.)

Me: “Morning, ma’am. How are you?”

Lady: *already complaining* “Fine. You are so far out of my way. Why are you so far away? [Competitor] is closer to me, you know. Why are you so far away?”

Me: *trying to be good-natured, though knowing full well I have no control over location* “I guess someone thought it was a good location. [Competitor] is farther away from my house, anyhow.”

Lady: *waving me off* “Do you price match? Your celery is $1.30 and [Competitor]’s is $1.29.”

Me: “I don’t know, ma’am. Let me ask.”

(The customer service cashier, who has been listening, informs her that it is not something we do. For some reason, the lady instantly gets agitated.)

Lady: “Why not? It is a f****** penny! [Competitor] does this! And they aren’t so d*** far away! No wonder your customer service sucks! You don’t care about your customers at all!”

Me: “I am sorry you feel that way, ma’am. Would you still like your celery?”

Lady: “Of course not! I am going to [Competitor]!” *throws celery on counter and storms out*

(I still wonder what kind of person drives twenty minutes out of their way to try and save a penny on celery. Recession or not, the gas alone paid for the celery threefold!)

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