A Cents-less Use Of Copying

, , , , | Right | August 24, 2018

(Our self-serve copiers need either a credit card or a prepaid copy card to work.)

Me: “You’ll need either a credit card or a copy card.”

Customer: “I don’t want to use a credit card for ten cents! That’s so stupid!”

Me: “Okay, then you can put money on a copy card. The minimum’s a dollar, but it never expires.”

Customer: “I’m not paying a dollar for a copy that only costs ten cents!”

Me: “Then use your credit card.”

Customer: “Why would I use my credit card for ten cents?! That’s ridiculous!”

Me: “Do you get charged every time you use your credit card?”

Customer: “No!”

Me: “So, why is it ridiculous?”

Customer: “Ugh! You just do it for me!”

Me: “Okay, it’s more expensive, though. Is that okay?”

Customer: “I don’t care!”

(After doing their copies and giving them the price…)

Customer: “WHAT!? That’s too much money!”

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