A Cents-less Decision

, , , , | Right | January 13, 2019

(Our shop is redesigning some of its basic tank tops and so we are offering a special on the old ones remaining in the store, with all tank tops selling for $8. The signage announcing this promo is very obvious all around the tank tops display. A woman comes up to my register with three of them and I ring them in, all $8.)

Customer: “I thought these were $7.99.”

Me: “Oh, no, all our tank tops are selling for $8 now.”

Customer: *pointing at the clearance rack, next to the tank tops* “That sign says $7.99.”

Me: “That’s for the clearance items; the tank tops are regular price, $8.”

Customer: “I don’t want them then.”

(She just left at that, marching away bitterly as I stood at my register, utterly baffled that she didn’t want to spend three extra pennies on the shirts.)

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