A Cent-less Waste Of Time, Part 2

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I am shopping for a couple of items in a supermarket chain with only one till open. I am happy to see only one person ahead of me — an old man in his sixties — and he seems to be done. However, he then unbags his goods and takes out his receipt.

Old Man: “I’ve been overcharged!”

The staff member looks at his goods and runs them through manually as they are all half-price discounts, and the amount tallies with what was on the receipt.

Old Man: “I’ve still been overcharged!”

I start looking at his goods and add up to the clearly-labeled price to £2.79, which is what is on the receipt. The man starts complaining even more that he is being ripped off, and three more staff arrive, but nobody can figure out what is wrong.

Old Man: “I should have been charged £2.60!”

Bear in mind that one of the items is 49p and all the rest are round numbers. By now, there is a long queue and I am sick of this bickering. I speak to one of the staff.

Me: “If he causing all this grief over 19p, then take this 20p coin from my pocket!”

I turn to the man with it.

Me: “Take it and please leave because the rest of us want to finish our shopping.”

Old Man: “No, I want my money from them.”

I pointed out that he was getting his items half-price or better, but he still argued that he was being ripped off. The staff sadly then gave in and gave him 19p from the till. I just hope I cheered them up when I shouted, “Miserable git!” at the man as he left.

A Cent-less Waste Of Time

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