A Cartful Of Rude People

, , , | Friendly | May 10, 2019

(I have stopped at a department store to buy just a couple of small items, so I don’t grab a basket or cart, but then I also pick up a couple of more things I see that I can use, so my hands are full. I am walking to the register holding my items. I am about to pass a woman pushing a fully-loaded shopping cart in the opposite direction while she is talking with another woman, when she suddenly swerves and turns the cart sideways in the aisle directly in front of me, so close that I have to step back to keep from getting run into. She is directly between two large displays.)

Me: “Excuse me?”

Woman: “Oh, sorry. Excuse me!”

(She then walks away with her friend to look at a display that they have already passed, leaving the cart sideways in front of me blocking the aisle! As my hands are full, I can’t easily move the cart out of the way.)

Me: “Excuse me. Could you please move the cart?”

(The woman glances my way but continues talking with her friend, ignoring me. Using my foot and body to move the heavy cart a bit, I manage to squeeze by to continue to the front of the store. I’ve just taken a few steps.)

Woman: *yelling* “Hey! Why did you move my cart? You didn’t take anything, did you? Hey, I’m talking to you!”

(I glanced at her but kept walking, half expecting her to come after me, but she just stood there, cart still blocking the aisle, and resumed her conversation with her companion, now loudly complaining about rude people.)

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