A Cancer On Society

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(I’m 18 but look more like 13.)

Employee: “How are you today? You don’t look too well.”

Me: “Yeah, I’ve been sick, but I’m better than yesterday. Thanks for asking.”

Employee: “My mom also has cancer. I can give you the name of her oncologist, if you like.”

Me: “Um… I don’t have cancer.”

Employee: “Then what is a little girl like you doing with a shaved head? Where are your parents?”

Me: “I’m 18.”

Employee: “Then what are you doing with a shaved head, young lady?”

Me: “It’s my hairstyle?”

Employee: “But you’re a lady! Ladies don’t shave their heads.”

Me: “Well, congrats. You just met one that does. There’s hundreds of us out there.”

Employee: “There are also hundreds of thieves, murderers, drug addicts, smokers, cheaters, perverts, and so on out there, too. Doesn’t make it good.”

Me: “…”

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