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A Burger, Made Entirely Of Cheese

, | Right | February 16, 2008

Me: “Hi, how can I help?”

Lady: “Yes I’d like a hamburger please…”

Me: “Okay.”

Lady: “…with cheese on.”

Me: “Okay, so you would like a cheeseburger then?”

Lady: “No, I’d like a hamburger with cheese on.”

Me: “Yes, that would, in fact, be a cheeseburger.”

Lady: “But it says on your menu that you do hamburgers.”

Me: “Yes, we do, but you asked for cheese on it, so that is a cheeseburger.”

Lady: *getting angry now* “Look, I just want a hamburger with cheese on!”

Me: *calls over my shoulder* “One hamburger with cheese!”

(Sound of giggling in the back.)

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