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A Broad View Of Fraud

, , , , | Right | May 25, 2021

Like many small PIN pads that request signatures on the screen with a stylus pen, the one at our store is pretty difficult to write with, at least smoothly or legibly. One day, a customer comes through my line with his friend.

Customer: *Signing the pad* “This looks nothing like my signature.”

Me: “That’s fine. It works.”

Friend: “What a smart thing to say while signing for a purchase on your credit card.”

Customer: *Pauses, then bursts out laughing* “Oh, God, you’re right! Forget I said that!”

Me: “Heh, don’t worry about it.”

Customer: “How genius is that? ‘Wow, this totally looks like fraud!'”

He couldn’t stop laughing on his way out of the store.