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A Bridge Too Far

, , , | Working | December 17, 2019

(I need to have my cracked windshield replaced. After researching prices online, I choose a local installer. I try to book on their website but it claims they don’t service my area. I call the office.)

Me: “Hi. I’m trying to schedule a windshield replacement on your website but it claims you don’t service my area.”

Customer Service Representative: “We do only service locally. There are national companies that cover a larger area. I can check and see if we service your area. I should check that I can actually get your glass first. Can I have the year, make, and model of your car?”

Me: *gives info*

Customer Service Representative: “We actually have it in stock and can do the work as soon as tomorrow. The cost will be [total]. If we don’t cover your area, you always have the option of coming to our shop.”

Me: “I can do that if I have to. I’d really prefer having you come to my office so I don’t have to take time off.”

Customer Service Representative: “Okay, let’s see what the problem is. Maybe you are just barely outside our area; I can override it if that’s the case. What is the address of your office?”

Me: “[Address] Avenue…”

Customer Service Representative: “Oh, we’re on [Address] Pike.”

Me: “I know.”

Customer Service Representative: “What’s the zip code there?”

Me: *gives zip code*

Customer Service Representative: “Um, did you say [repeats zip code]?”

Me: “Yes.”

Customer Service Representative: “You are on our street. You are just up the street.”

Me: “I know. It changes from Avenue to Pike once you cross the bridge. I’m right next to the ice cream shop.”

Customer Service Representative: “Of course we can come to you. It’s two miles away on the same street.”

Me: “That was what I thought, but the website claims you won’t.”

Customer Service Representative: “Well, let me finish the booking and then, if you can wait a moment, I’d like to check our website while I have you one the phone.”

(We finish all the necessary information and book the appointment.)

Customer Service Representative: “Okay, so, you went to [website]?”

Me: “Yes.”

Customer Service Representative: “And chose the yellow ‘schedule now’ button?”

Me: “Yes.”

Customer Service Representative: “And then you enter the zip code…” *trails off* “Huh.”

Me: “You got the same thing?”

Customer Service Representative: “Yes. And that’s really bad. What if you just checked the website and then called someone else?”

Me: “I’m sure some people do.”

Customer Service Representative: “Okay, then. I’m going to contact our website manager as soon as I hang up. In the meantime, I’m going to put a $30 courtesy credit on your account to thank you for warning us about this. This is really bad and we are really happy that you called us anyway.”

(I got my windshield replaced at my office. A week later, I checked the website and it now shows that they will come to my office.)

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